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Over the years there has been too much focus on making the website search engine friendly and the user has taken a back seat but with major changes that Google did to its algorithm meant that the time had come to shift the primary focus of the website towards the User.


What is that would make the User satisfied when they visit the website?

Here are some suggestions to make your website User friendly and hence also making it SEO Ready :

1. Put Brand logo on every webpage

2. Use short phrases and visual effects to make the visitor understand the purpose of the site quickly

3. There should be clear explanation of products and services

4. Make it easy for the visitor to contact you, follow you or like you via different mediums – Post, email, form, voice, social media 

5. If you plan to capture user information then have a clear privacy policy

6. Design your website for multiple devices i.e. have a responsive web design

7. Try keeping very few categories/ sub categories/tags etc.

8. Prepare content which is useful and gives answers to user queries

9. Know your customer and optimise the Design and Content according to his needs


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