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Contact Name, Title (if known)
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Dear Professor/Dr./Ms./Mr. Last Name,

Opening Paragraphwhy you are writing: State the specific position you are applying for
and where you learned about it. If there was not an advertised position, explain why you are
writing. Mention if you were referred to the position by someone.

Briefly describe who you are and what your field is.
State why you are applying to this employer – what about the university, college, company or
organization that you are applying to appeals to you.

Middle Paragraphswhat qualifications you bring: Demonstrate how your research,
college, and other key experience have prepared you for the job as described in the advertisement.  Mention skills/experience related to the job. Clearly argue why it is logical for you to apply for the position and why it is logical for the hiring committee to consider your application. Indicate what contributions you will make to the organization, department, company or lab and how you will fit in.
Write to your target audience. The focus of your cover letter will differ depending on your field and job position.
Close with a summary sentence of your qualifications and confident statement that you can make a contribution.

Concluding Paragraphwhat you want: Indicate that your CV or resume,
references and supporting documents are included. Thank them for their time and consideration of your application and that you look forward to discussing your qualifications and the job requirements in more detail.

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