Welcome to Maninder.com (Mani is Perth based Researcher)

Here you will find Maninder’s research, trends and views on issues and topics related to career and job hunting, companies and employers, recruitment consultants, internet, technology, cyber law, study options in Australia, health, sports and sportswear.

I am researcher, observer and my main areas of interest are :

  • Job and Recruitment Market
  • Immigration, Skills and University Education in Australia

Besides the above areas I am passionate about Sports and Tshirt Printing.

Since late 1990’s I have been into website promotion and internet marketing and used some of my skills on projects related to Jobs and Career industry India and Australia.

Over the years the field of internet marketing has changed a lot but the thing that has remained constant is Good, Unique Content no matter which field you are in.

Some of the areas, tools and topics which have been part of my internet journey are:

  • Research and reviewing Competition(I always prefer niche areas)
  • Site Planning and Structure
  • Domain Name
  • Content Building and Optimisation
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Programming and Customisation
  • Link Building and Directory Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • email Marketing
  • Blogs with focus on WordPress and its Customisation
  • Social Media – Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter
  • Events, Seminars and Workshops
  • Legal Aspects including Cyber Law and Intellectual Property(IPR) Issues

List of 10 Skills that my colleagues have endorsed me for


Contact Me

If you have a question, feedback, suggestion or need any support, email me

maninderweb @ gmail.com


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