The views of an Adelaide based SEO

Recently, I was having a cup of tea with an SEO Expert here in Adelaide and taking his views about the future of SEO based on his client interactions. He said the clients are demanding more and more content focused approach and social media promotion.

According to him there is lot of technical stuff that goes into making a site ready for it to consume new content and present it in an optimised way to search engines like Google.

He said the increasing popularity of WordPress as a website creation platform was making it difficult for SEO’s specially in a tough Business Market like Adelaide to convince clients to pay for specific SEO skills like Title / Description Tag creation, sitemaps, keyword density etc. as certain WP Plugins after some tweaking were doing the task automatically.

Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s webspam team, announced recently that guest blogging is dead.
Now with Google’s aim of removing spam from its search results means that SEO even if not dead is getting more and more complex.

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