Cover Letter Suggestion

If possible, keep your covering letter to a single page. Too much information, especially if it is not relevant to the job, may detract from the letter. Your statement addressing the selection criteria is the place to give more detailed information about yourself and your ability to do the job.

What should your cover letter include?

  • Your personal/ contact details
  • The date
  • A salutation/greeting
  • How you heard about the job/company
  • Why you believe you would be an asset to the team
  • How you will follow up
  • A closing/signature

Following is a link to a page for you to review to create your custom cover letter to be sent along with your Resume


Technical Writer Resume Template/Example

Sushmita Sengupta

Address: Hyderabad, Telangana | Tel: +91-2421684| Email:

Career Summary or Career Objective

A technically inclined writer who enjoys working with financial data and has the ability to collaborate across multiple groups looking to work with a financial organisation.


Diploma in Technical Writing
Tech Training Institute, Hyderabad

Employment History

Technical Writer
My Finance Helper, Hyderabad
2016 to Present

– Research, gather information, and provide high-quality deliverables for each assigned project
– Write, edit, and publish a variety of online help documentation for new and existing products
– Develop, design, maintain and enhance print materials in the form of product tip sheets
– Develop, write, and edit client communications announcing new products, as well as enhancements and changes to existing products
– Assist support teams by editing client-facing, instructional documents and ensuring the consistency of the brand, tone, and style throughout all materials

Additional Information

Skills and Personal Attributes:

– Excellent writing skills with the ability to present information in a clear and creative manner
– A high degree of motivation, strong organizational skills, and excellent attention to detail
– Ability to efficiently handle and prioritize multiple projects
– Strong interest in writing, finance, and technology
– Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite
– Experience with desktop publishing software, HTML authoring tools, and Web development tools
– Excellent interpersonal skills and professionalism



Be ready with names and contact details of at least two referees (either written referees or verbal) who can comment on your work experience


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