Sample Teacher Resume Career Objective Examples

Here are some examples of Resume Career Objectives for Teachers :

– To render or share my knowledge, experience, and expertise in all educational aspects starting from organizational management to policy making through proper moulding of students in terms of teaching them and helping them become well-rounded individuals incorporating the values and principles of life.

– Core interests in secondary and adult education, with a special interest in the areas of Literacy, Special Education and ESL. I have found great satisfaction in the knowledge that my efforts contribute to the enabling of my students to enhance meaning in their lives by advancing their literacy and work skills.

– I have been a qualified teacher for almost three years but have around six years of experience working with children. I have worked in both rural and inner city schools and can adapt my teaching style to suit the needs of diverse groups of children. I have specialised in Early Years Education (3-7) and have a passion for developing a creative curriculum, especially when it comes to outdoor learning. I feel that exploratory experiences are central to developing children’s curiosity, knowledge and understanding of the word around them.

– To gain a teaching position that is challenging and rewarding which draws on my existing knowledge and skills allowing me to provide engaging, stimulating, inclusive learning experiences for all children in my care.

– To seek an entry position in an educational institution and, eventually, to advance while making a substantial contribution to its growth and development.

– I have ten years of experience teaching in secondary schools across Australia and over the last two years teaching EFL in Australia. I have been working teaching English in various roles, including online English for a student in NSW. I believe my experience in secondary teaching and EFL teaching would be reaaly useful to students.

– I wish to contribute to the improvement of formal education and to establish an ideal teacher through personal skill and academic competence. As an experienced teacher, I would like to devise captivating, fascinating, and unique practices of teaching that creates interest in the students.

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