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On 21 September 2015, the new Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement between Australia and the People’s Republic of China commenced, enabling eligible young Chinese nationals to apply for a Work and Holiday visa for Australia.

This means that Chinese nationals who are between 18 and 31 years of age are eligible to apply for a visa to work and travel around Australia for up to a year.

The visa allows the holder to:
• stay in Australia for 12 months from their date of first arrival;
• work for the 12 month duration of their stay, but for no longer than six months with any one employer;
• study for four months.

General eligibility requirements for Chinese Work and Holiday visa applicants will be:
• Hold a valid passport issues by the People’s Republic of China
• Do not need to provide evidence of Government support for the grant of the visa
• Are at least 18 but have not turned 31 years of age at the time an application is lodged;
• Will not be with a dependent child while in Australia;
• Have enough money for support on a working holiday (about AUD $5000);
• Have not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417);
• Hold tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two years of undergraduate university study;
• Have functional English;
• Meet character and health requirements
• Apply by appointment and in person at one of the the three addresses provided in the Instrument in either Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai

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