Sports education in Melbourne

La Trobe University PhD showcase – Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Topic areas to be highlighted at this event include:

– Dietetics [ There is a growing demand for dietitians in Australia and theyhave a key role in the management of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, malnutrition, food allergy and intolerance.]
– Exercise Physiology [ Accredited Exercise Physiologists in Australia operate in public and private hospitals, primary healthcare clinics, population health, workplace health, workplace rehabilitation, aged care, case managers for rehabilitation providers, injury consultants for insurers, and exercise scientists or strength and conditioning coaches for professional sports teams.]
– Exercise science
– Nutrition
– Outdoor Education [Outdoor Environmental Education, Nature Tourism and Natural Resources Education]
– Physical Education
– Physiology [specialisations may include bacteriology, biochemistry research, biotechnology, conservation, entomological research, forensic science, genetics research, agricultural science and counselling, immunology, molecular biology research, marine biology, plant biotechnology, zoology, scientific business management, science teaching and science communication.]
– Physiotherapy [ There is a strong demand for physiotherapists in Australia with job opportunities in hospitals, rehabilitation and community health centres, private practice, industrial clinics and specialist facilities. You may also work in education and research.

Qualified physiotherapists may apply for the Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports or Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy title and become eligible to work with AFL, NRL, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Olympic teams and senior positions in hospitals.]
– Podiatry
– Prosthetics and Orthotics [ To work in major hospital and private prosthetic-orthotic facilities you should be eligible eligibility for membership of the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association]
– Sport Journalism [ Work in Television, film, radio, print and online production, journalism, media law, marketing, advertising, teaching, communications, industry funding organisations, campaign or advocacy officer, media expert, policy and research officer]
– Sport Management [ Job options in Australia include sporting teams and elite athletes, community sport leagues, state and national sports governing bodies, player management agencies, sport administration, sponsorship and marketing, apparel and merchandising companies, health and fitness centres, sporting events and venues and local government bodies.]

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