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Australian Technical Officer – Laboratory Science Resume Template/Example

Carolina Butler

Address: Launceston, Tasmania | Tel: +61-05546504 | Email:

Career Summary or Career Objective

To develop a greater understanding of disease and contribute to a team that assists in the diagnosis, resolution and/or study of those diseases in patients.
To increase my professional experience and education in the area of medical science and be involved in disease research.


Bachelor of Biomedical Science in Medical Science – Microbiology, Haematology/Transfusion, Clinical Chemistry, Histopathology
University of Victoria

Employment History

Technical Officer – Laboratory Science
Queensland University
2012 – Present

– Provide technical support for various units in the laboratory based science degrees (including Immunology, Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science).
– Determine materials, reagents and equipment for laboratory practical classes.
– Provide support and assistance to the demonstrator and students during practical classes when required.
– Ensure efficient operations of the teaching laboratories by maintaining supplies, calibrating and maintaining equipment as needed and providing high quality user training and support of a range of clinical equipment. Liaise with external agencies and equipment suppliers to maintain and develop knowledge of advances in equipment and technologies.
– Maintain quality control records of processes and equipment used in Haematology, Transfusion Science and Immunology laboratories.


– Experience in providing support to health or laboratory based teaching, research and/or clinical laboratories.
– Sound theoretical understanding of Haematology, Transfusion Science and Clinical Immunology laboratory techniques.
– Ability to work independently and effectively as a team member
– Have proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office based word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.


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