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According to Research by Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency there continues to be a surplus of qualified accountants in Australia.

The agency recommends annually which occupations be added or removed from the Skilled Occupation List.
Foreign workers whose occupation is on the list can apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor.

The Australian government is planning to slash the number of foreign accountants able to get permanent visas but that might not be the case with Overseas Dentists.

The government has backed the agency’s recommendation to keep dentists on the list and maintain the cap at 6 per cent, meaning up to 942 foreign dentists will be able to obtain permanent visas next financial year.

Under the Australian general skilled ­migration program, professionals and other skilled migrants can enter Australia without being sponsored by an employer. While they have to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list, there is no obligation for them to work in that occupation.



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