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Sample Accountant Cover Letter

Following is a simple example of an Accountant Cover Letter

​Your Name and Contact Details

​Mr. “Name
“Human Resource Director
​AKLJ 12 Kingston Square, Suite 34
Victor Harbour, SA 5000

Dear Mr. “Name”
​I am writing to share with you my interest in applying for the Accountant position with AKLJ as recently advertised through an Australian meta job search engine.

I am especially interested in working for AKLJ because of your client commitment. I have excelled in basic and intermediate level accounting, and feel confident in my abilities as an accountant. I gained practical work experience in the audit department of a smaller accounting firm and also worked in the accounts receivable division for an petrochemical company.

​I have recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

​Enclosed with this letter is my résumé, which summarizes all of my educational achievements, career-related experience, diverse leadership experiences, honors, and activities.

​I would like the opportunity to discuss with you in person my background, qualifications, and how I believe I can make a significant contribution to AKLJ. I will call you within the next 10 days to discuss when such a meeting would be possible. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at (854)324443, or my email at if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.






Sample Accountant Resume

General Sections(Format)of an Accountant Resume

  • Header
  • ​Objective
  • ​Experience
  • ​​Education
  • ​Interests
  • References

​Following is a simple example of an Accountant Resume


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