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1. Basic Information about Curriculum Designer

2. What it needs to become a Curriculum Designer

3. Finding Work

4. Applying for the Job


Australia has some of the World’s top ranking Universities and one of the reason for that is their Course Curriculum which is designed for academic development and better student engagement.

Basic Information about Curriculum Designer

So what’s the role and job description of a Curriculum Designer?

1. To develop curriculum, teach and/or undertake research and/or other scholarly work.
2. Design, develop, deliver, and document curricula, resources and materials for subjects, workshops and professional development activities in areas relevant to student retention such as curriculum, assessment, flexible and blended learning, lecturing, student engagement, and active learning.
3. Engage with the wider Higher Education and Academic Development community and maintain professional practice skills, knowledge and expertise in learning and teaching at a nationally recognized level.

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What it needs to become a Curriculum Designer

How to become a Curriculum Designer?

The skills and qualifications required for Curriculum Designer include:

  • Doctoral qualification and/or research experience
  • Excellent face-to-face presentation and communication skills
  • It is desired that you have Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
  • Knowledge of blended or online learning

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Curriculum Designer Job – who has the related opening?

La Trobe University’s Curriculum Teaching and Learning Centre based at Melbourne (Bundoora) generally would have related opportunity.

To know more about La Trobe University visit – http://www.latrobe.edu.au/about

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Applying for the Job

Creating Curriculum Designer Resume

A good Sample Resume can be a big help when creating/updating your CV.

Check the Format of Andrew Finch’s, Curriculum Vitae which is a good Example of Curriculum Designer Resume.

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