Modapro Medicine by Cipla

Medicine, Drug Info: Modapro by Cipla is used for excessive sleepiness associated with chronic pathological conditions, chronic shift work sleep disorder.

Side Effects of Modapro

. Nervousness
. Headache
. Anxiety
. Insomnia
. Dizziness
. Dry Mouth
. Nausea
. Diarrhoea
. Constipation
. Depression
. Abnormal Thinking
. Confusion
. Suicidal Ideation
. Aggression
. Blurred Vision
. Dyspepsia
. Palpitation
. Abdominal Pain
. Chest Pain
. Skin Reaction
. Abnormal Liver Function Tests

Modapro Precautions

Modapro and Pregnancy

You should talk with your healthcare provider prior to taking Modapro if you are
. Pregnant
. Breastfeeding

Generally, Modapro is not recommended for use by pregnant women or lactating (Breastfeeding) women

Besides this when taking Modapro you should:
. Monitor BP and Heart Rate


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