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UNSW Innovation Awards – The annual Innovation Awards coordinated by the UNSW’s commercialisation company NewSouth Innovations (NSi) recognising major research discoveries and inventions made by University’s staff and students has announced the innovative 13 finalists in the UNSW Innovation Awards 2013 which includes a suicide prevention app and a laser sensor to measure aircraft speed.

Here is the Innovation List: 

1. EzyAmp – A Universal Isothermal Technology Suitable for Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Diagnostics
2. Disposable medical microfluidic devices
3. The future of nerve regeneration using bio-fibrous scaffold
4. Direct reprogramming of lineage committed cells into therapeutic potential Mesenchymal-like stem cells
5. Topical  Atorvastatin  for  the  Treatment  of  Dry  Eyes  associated  with  Blepharitis
6. Nano tricks for a hydrogen fix
7. The suicide prevention app
8. Development of a first-in-class lung cancer therapeutic
9. Innovation of the Bionic Eye for the Blind
10. Improving Spinal Fusion Rate and Outcome: Controlled Rigidity Fixation
11. Mass Vision Screening in the Cinemas and a Simple Maculascope for the Masses
12. Playconomics: Learning by Playing
13. COPLASS: A laser-based air speed sensor

Visit NewSouth Innovations Website which is the gateway to research discoveries and inventions created at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

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