Finance Courses in Australia

A new Australia-first undergraduate course in Global Finance, designed for students with no prior financial knowledge, could be for you.

The Global Finance course will help students develop an international perspective and enhance their capacity to work anywhere in the world.

The course, run by UNSW’s Institute of Global Finance.

The course is the first of its kind in Australia, and will include lectures from Nobel Laureates, eminent professors from the United States, and experts from industry including PwC and the Asian Development Bank.

The course will cover topics such as factors influencing foreign exchange rates, Asian capital markets, global tax management, global risk management and global investment strategies.

It will also provide students with insight into investment banking, the superannuation industry and the role of multinational companies in the financial system.

The course will be available through face-to-face lectures or online delivery, and as a non-award course on application.


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