The links below cover news and updates on migration, immigration and education in Australia, as reported in March 2015.

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March 2015 migration news

1. Best place to live in Australia

UK’s Sunday Times names Adelaide on list of best places in the world to live 

2. Online Essay Fraud

Sydney students linked to ‘essay factory’ expelled, suspended
Students from five NSW universities could possibly have their degrees revoked as investigations into the cheating scandal involving online essay writing company, MyMaster, intensify.

3. Tough to find right people

Job site Indeed has released data showing the 20 most difficult to fill jobs in Australia which includes Sales engineers and management analysts.
Check the complete list

4. Shortage of aged care workers in Australia

Aged care advocates in Australia believe the traditional models of aged patient care cannot cope with the demands of the future.
The most common temporary work visa to Australia – the Subclass 457 – requires the applicant’s occupation to be on the Skilled Occupations List. There are two: the Skilled Occupations List Schedule 1 and the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (Schedule 2).
The second list is the compilation of all occupations submitted by each State or Territory of Australia, hence the term “Consolidated”.
The Aged Care Worker is not on the list.

5. Future changes – Australian 457 Temporary Employer Sponsored Visa Requirements

6. Additional English test accepted for state nomination

7. Understanding “skill shortage” in Australia

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