<Your Name> – Resume

Address: <your address> | Tel: <your phone number> | Email: <your email>

(Name, current address, phone number and email address are essential. Ensure that these details are clearly displayed wherever they appear.)

Career Summary or Career Objective

(Outline your career, strengths, experience and relevant expertise. Adjust the statement to reflect the role you are applying for. A career objective can also be useful if you have little experience but lots of motivation.)  
Check out Sample Summary Template

Key Skills

  • Strong ability to work as part of a team
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • XXX

(Include 3-7 key skills as dot points that you like using and that are relevant to the role. Begin with an action word such as ‘demonstrated’ or ‘highly developed’.)


2014 PG Diploma Cyber Laws

2000 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

(List your most recent education qualifications first.)

Employment History

(Focus on most recent work experience first. Include your job title and company name and dates. Years are usually sufficient. It is not a requirement to explain minor gaps.

If the most relevant work experience was a while ago, create subheading eg Relevant work experience to get key roles to the front of the section.

Include a Responsibilities and an Achievements section for each role.)

XXX Manager


Brief overview of position



XXX Manager

123 Consulting


Brief overview of position




(Community Service/Voluntary Work: Community Service is a section to highlight your contributions and in doing so elaborate on relevant experiences.

Consider other headings:

Professional Memberships: If you are a member of a professional association relevant to the role create a heading and include it.

Interests: Including a section on interests can be useful if it is relevant and active. Reading, watching movies and watching sport should not be included.

Published works: For academic roles a section on publications can be used to emphasise research skills. For roles that involve writing or design,including online published work such as a polished blog or webpage can be useful. )



<Referee name, email, phone number>

(You can simply write Available on Request. If you decide to include referee contacts advise the referee and indicate the type of roles that you will be applying for. You may also want to provide them with a copy of your resume.)

Sample Summary Template

____________(who you are, i.e. “Chemical Engineer”) with thorough understanding of _____, _____, _____, and ______. Advanced training, education and research focused on the development (advancement) of _______(technology) and its application to _________ (industry, population, product, result, etc.) Strong _____ and _____skills (soft skills) honed through leadership roles involving _____ and ______. (Objective Statement): Seeking a position as a _______in the ________industry.

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