Format of a Software Testing Resume

Based on the Resume Example of a Software Tester whose PDF Resume Link is mentioned below, following are the 7 sections that should be included in a related CV:

1. Header

(name and contact information of the person applying for the job)

2. Profile

(summary of software testing related strengths)

3. Education

4. Skills

(related languages, platforms, applications you have worked on)

5. Work Experience

(start with the latest mentioning company name, place of work, job profile and responsibilities)

6. Activities

(could be something different than software testing like photography)

7. References

(you could give 2 names or provide it later when asked)


To get an idea what goes inside the above seven sections check the Biodata example of a related professional

Note: The links mentioned on this page might change over period of time if the related organisation changes the website/webpage. Do email if you come across any broken link on this site.

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