Sample Cover Letter Human Biology Laboratory Assistant Job (Example and Format)


Name of Hiring Manager
Name of Company/Institution

Dear (Personalise Whenever Possible):

Re: Human Biology Laboratory Assistant Position

I am writing to apply for the position of Human Biology Laboratory Assistant at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, as advertised recently on your University Website.

After completing Bachelor of Science in Biology, I have worked in a physiology laboratory and have experience in computer-based  data-analysis  systems  used to record and analyse physiological data.

I have ability  to  configure,  calibrate  and  troubleshoot  equipment  used  in  electrocardiography, electromyography, electrooculography and electroencephalography with theoretical  and  practical  understanding  of  the  principles and  practice  of  spirometery,  blood  gas analysis, urinalysis as well as ability in  preparation  of  samples,  apparatus  and  solutions  required  for  routine  isolated organ preparations.

My interpersonal skills are well developed and able to collaborate and communicate effectively with a range of people.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see my detailed resume. You could review my Linkedin profile(Optional) and can reach me by phone at (61) 857-2325 or by email at

I am looking forward to hear from you soon and possible time for an interview session.

Thank you for your consideration.


FirstName LastName

Please note: If the Job Advertisement mentions then include the position title(Job Title) and position reference number in the cover letter.

Sample Resume Human Biology Laboratory Assistant Job Australia (Example and Format)

(You can customise and create a Resume that suits your need according to your skills)

Following are some important sections of a CV/Resume:

Contact Information, inclusive of phone number and e-mail address

Objective/Summary/Summary of Qualifications
Objective: Short statement explaining what you are looking for in a position
Summary: One to two lines indicating the contributions you hope to make and your strengths
Summary of Qualifications: A list of three to five bullets listing both technical and non-technical skills, specifically your most marketable traits for a position

Education : Degree/Date awarded/University/Location, other related skills including computer and technical Skills

Awards/Honors/Achievements (Optional)

Professional Affiliations/Certifications/Licences

Interests (Optional)

Languages (Optional)

Publications/ Presentations (Optional)

Conferences/Training (Optional)

Citizenship (Optional)
Mention if you have proper work rights in Australia

Two principal class referees (mentors are acceptable for fresh graduates)

Create and generate your Resume by taking ideas from the following related Resume Example :

Sample Resume Template for Human Biology Laboratory Assistant – Example [PDF]

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