e-book on the psychological techniques of Asia-South Pacific’s best athletes

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has launched a new e-book entitled Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology which looks at how some of the world’s best athletes have used sport psychology techniques to help achieve their success.

The e-book was launched at the recent 7th International Congress of the Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology held in Tokyo, Japan.

The e-book should be a good resource for athletes, coaches, students of sports psychology and anyone interested in the subject.

Secrets of Asian Sports Psychology can be downloaded from http://peterterry.wix.com/books.

The e-book is the world’s first text on applied sports psychology to be published under a Creative Commons license.

What is Creative Commons license?

A Creative Commons licence allows people to download, copy, share, modify and use the book for commercial purposes, as long as they acknowledge the authors and editors.

Interested in sports and fitness?

USQ is launching Bachelor of Sport and Exercise, Graduate Certificate of Health and Graduate Certificate of Sport and Exercise degrees next year.

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