Sample Resume of Software System Programmer in Linux using C language (Example and Format)

Create and generate your Resume by taking ideas from the following related Resume Suggestions.

(You can customise and create a Resume that suits your need according to your skills)

Following are the important sections of a Software System Programmer CV/Resume:


Contact Information, inclusive of phone number and e-mail address

Career Objective

Here is sample for this section:

A challenging position which would enhance my knowledge and give experience in building System Software Applications using Linux

Executive Summary

Here is sample for this section:

- An accomplished professional with 3 years of software experience in the IT industry as a System Software programmer, debugger in Linux Operating System internals like Process management, Memory management, File System, Device Management, IPC etc.
- Experience in Open Source Linux internals and applications using C and C++.

Professional Experience

You should include the following features in the resume while describing your previous Job description:

1. Company name and location

2. Role title you held

3. Tenure

4. Brief description of responsibilities

5. Achievements


For Software Programmer the possible qualifications and format could be:

Degree/Diploma: Bachelor of Engineering / Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing
Specialization: Computer Science
University: A Good Engineering College
Year of Passing:

Technical Skills

Some sample suggestions

- Software technologies: Open Source Linux internals, Embedded Linux
- Programming Languages : C, Assembly, C++

Functional Skills

Here is sample for this section:

- Training new members in the team
- Strong Object Oriented concepts for software design and implementation.
- Coordinating with other teams working on the same project.
- Coordinating with the testing team for fixing bugs.
- Hard working and dedicated towards Job completion and ensuring smooth delivery of the project.



Here is sample for this section:

Technical writing and documentation for Product knowledge content

Personal Qualities

A sample for this section:

- Flexible team player.
- Good Communication Skills.


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