One of the common doubts people have before they start the Australian Migration Process is whether Parents can accompany them if their skills get assessed positively?

The answer is Its Really Tough!

Australian Parent visa changes in budget fine print indicates that bringing parents and family members to Australia would be real tough.

The latest migration programme and The Australian Budget 2014-2015 has now made it clear that the non-contributory parent visas and “Other Family Visa” (which incorporates the regular sponsored parent, aged parent, carer visa and aged dependent relative)will cease shortly. This is likely to happen before or by the end of this financial year.

According to DIBP they want to maintain the balance of the programme as by doing this more places would be made available for the reunion of the closest of family members, partners and children and ‘contributory-parents’.

The following Visas would be affected and may not be available for much longer:
•Non-contributory Parent Visas
•Remaining Relative Visas
•Carer Visas and
•Aged Dependant visas.


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