As per the latest News published on 08/04/2014 on Immigration SA Website, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Librarian, Financial Investment Adviser are amongst the 18 new occupations added to the South Australia State Occupation List.

Here are the New Occupations added

ANSZCO code Occupations
132111 Corporate Services Manager
134211 Medical Administrator
134299 Health and Welfare Services Managers, nec
149212 Customer Service Manager
149915 Equipment Hire Manager
222311 Financial Investment Adviser
223211 ICT Trainer
224611 Librarian
262111 Database Administrator
271214 Intellectual Property Lawyer
311215 Pharmacy Technician
351411 Cook
361211 Shearer
391111 Hairdresser
399212 Gas or Petroleum Operator
399918 Fire Protection Equipment Technician
411311 Diversional Therapist
451815 First Aid Trainer


There are now two state nomination occupation list for South Australia:  the State Occupation list and the South Australian Graduate list. 

  • Occupations on the State Occupation list are available to all applicants including South Australian international graduates.
  • The South Australian Graduate list, previously known as the off list, is for graduates who have completed a Bachelor degree or higher in South Australia.
  • The subscription functionality enables you to stay up to date with changes to the occupation lists and the news and events page as changes occur.
  • The details of the relevant skills assessment authority for each occupation is now included in the lists.

Remember, to be eligible for state nomination applicants must have a positive skills assessment from the relevant authority for their nominated occupation.  Applicants must also meet all of the federal and state requirements for the visa being applying for.

Source: https://www.migration.sa.gov.au


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