1. Visa for Cricket World Cup 2015

Peak tourism industry groups in Australia and New Zealand – Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) and Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA)  have welcomed the news that cricket fans attending the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be granted entry into Australia and New Zealand with a single visa.

This announcement means cricket fans will only have to secure a single visa to be able to see games on both sides of the Tasman. It will make the process simpler and cheaper, encouraging more visitors to travel to both Australia and New Zealand.

Source:  http://ttf.org.au/

2. The Destination – Australia

Some of Australia’s major cities have been listed in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, offering both great work opportunities and lifestyle.

About 2000 people each month are invited to apply for a skilled migration visa by the Australian Government. Check the Skilled Occupation Lists to see if you have the skills Australia needs.

If you would like to live the life in Australia, take the next step and submit an expression of interest for a skilled migration visa through SkillSelect by creating an account and registering your skills. You may be living the life in Australia sooner than you think!

For more information on how you can fast track your life in Australia as a skilled migrant, visit the website at www.immi.gov.au/Work

3. Australian Workers not Happy!

According to a survey into workplace management by the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne, most Australian workers lack faith in their boss.

Australian workers believe their workplaces suffer from poor leadership and need better management.

4. Lack of Jobs for International Students in Australia

Work experience for overseas students challenges Australian University Sector.

According to researchers at say Deakin University, many international students struggle to gain local work experience due to limited local networks, lack of knowledge of the Australian labour market, poor understanding of the job application process and weak communication skills.

This finding has implications for the Australian university sector (which) can play a key role in enhancing international graduates’ employability.

The study confirms that many international students require additional support to further develop their English language skills.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/

5. Skillselect Migration Program Australia

SkillSelect helped 29 492 skilled migrants and family members to move to Australia in 2012–13—this was 38.9 per cent of the general skilled migration program.

Here is a Summary

SkillSelect 2012–13
Expressions of interest submitted    – 51 794
Invitations issued via SkillSelect    – 32 389
Visa applications lodged by clients invited via SkillSelect (primary applications)    – 25 632
Visas granted to clients invited to apply via SkillSelect (primary applications)    – 15 353
Average visa processing time for SkillSelect clients    – 60 days
SkillSelect clients as percentage of general skilled migration program    – 38.9%
Expressions of interest on-hand in SkillSelect as at 30 June 2013    – 20 441

Check the complete report at http://www.immi.gov.au/about/reports/annual/2012-13/html/performance/outcome_1/migration_health_requirement.htm

6. New Online Courses by Australian University

Monash University recently announced its first massive open online courses (MOOC) to be launched by partner FutureLearn, the UK-led MOOC provider.
‘Creative Coding’ and ‘The Science of Medicines’ will launch on FutureLearn, the free, online social learning platform later this year.
The University’s first two MOOCs will teach computer programming for creative design, and the science behind medicines used to treat major health issues such as heart disease, depression and diabetes.

For more information about the courses, visit the Future Learn website. https://www.futurelearn.com/partners/monash-university


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