1. Renting Student Accommodation Australia 

Are you looking for private rental accommodation? Check out University of South Australia’s new Rental Database for share-house and self-contained rental options http://rental.unisa.edu.au/

2. Australia Migration Tip

Be accurate and provide true information when completing a General Skilled Migration EOI. This is essential for being invited to apply for a visa.

3. Immigration Australia Fact

International education is one of Australia’s largest export sectors, generating income of $15.3 billion in 2011–12 and generating thousands of jobs for Australians.

4. Time to Apply

With a new term about to start, time is right for you to apply for a student visa to study at one of Australia’s world renowned universities

5. International Student FAQ

Are you an international student thinking about changing courses? Don’t forget about your visa conditions. Visit: www.immi.gov.au/Study/Pages/changing-courses.aspx

6. The rising International student numbers in Australia

Universities in Australia have welcomed a surge in the number of overseas students seeking to study in Australia.
At the end of September 2013 there were 346,965 international student visa holders in Australia – almost a quarter of whom were from China and 10 per cent from India. More streamlined visa conditions and regulations and the effort of universities to make universities more responsive and attractive were some of the reasons behind the surge.

7. Skills shortage in Australia

Australian businesses are urging the government to expand the migration program to prevent a shortage of skilled workers.

8. New South Wales – State Sponsorship Programme update

NSW Closes State Nominations for Subclass 190 for 2013-14 Year.  NSW will reopen for the subclass 190 visa nomination in July 2014 when the new / updated list of Skilled Occupations (SOL) is likely to be released by the Department.

9. Skilled Migration South Australia

According to South Australian Liberal Leader Steven Marshall, skilled migrants should be diverted to the state to keep population growth in line with the rest of the nation and thereby reducing unemployment. He emphasised the need to attract more overseas workers and stop the movement of locals for job opportunities interstate.


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