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Australian Botanist Resume Template/Example

Christine Ponds

Address: Redland Bay, Queensland | Tel: +61-06545811 | Email:

Career Summary or Career Objective

I am a highly enthusiastic Botanist looking to gain employment that will utilise my skills, knowledge and abilities acquired whilst completing my Science Degree and time employed as a Botanist.


Bachelor of Environmental Science
Queensland University

Employment History

National Museums of Australia
2014 to Present
Sydney Australia

Key Duties
• Curation of plants and co-ordination of taxonomy & curation activities in the Herbarium.
• Research on taxonomy and ethno botany of plants.
• Collection, Identification and documentation of plant specimens.
Australia Flora and Fauna
2012 to 2014
Melbourne Australia

Key Duties
• Conducting vegetation surveys in south-east Australia, particularly within Victoria
• Undertaking habitat hectare assessments

Additional Information

Skills and Personal Attributes:
-Good botanical identification skills
-The ability to independently undertake flora surveys and present findings in detailed reports
-Good report writing skills
-An understanding of national and state environmental legislation and policy (EPBC Act, FFG Act, Planning and Environment Act)


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