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Australian Game Programmer Resume Template/Example

Brandyn McCullum

Address: Melbourne, Victoria | Tel: +61-05545322 | Email:

Career Summary or Career Objective

My objective is to continue to develop and consolidate my IT knowledge and skills.

Key Skills/Strengths

Technical skills
• Proficiency in Java and C++, experienced in C#, JSP, ASP.NET and .NET.
• Strong knowledge of XHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, and markup languages.
• Understanding of database, experiences of Microsoft SQL and Oracle.
• Strong knowledge of software development on J2ME and Android platforms.
• Skilled in graphical utilities, including 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.
• Familiar with Agile project management processes.
• Acquainted with graphics programming concepts and techniques.

Non-technical skills
• Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.
• Enthusiasm and high self-motivation in working and learning, with ability to adapt and to learn new things and knowledge.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Computer Technology
2008 to 2011

Employment History

Game Programmer
Hardgaming – Bendigo
2014 to present

• Participated in the new creation project of the newly-opened studio, working with C/C++ and Python scripting.

Game Developer Intern
My Videogame – Tasmania
2013 to 2014

My job was to create levels to display the abilities of the VR technology to investors, other engineers from the game industry and eventually the general public.

Project Links

– http://www.gamesample1 dot com
– http://www.gamesample2 dot com


Available on Request

Migrating to Australia

To see if your occupation/skills are in demand in Australia(i.e. how easy it is for you to migrate/work/live in Australia based on your conditions) check out State Sponsorship Lists of various Australian States/Territories:

Australian Capital Territory (Popular city is Canberra) Migration Information Website –

New South Wales (Popular city is Sydney) Migration Information Website –

Northern Territory (Popular city is Darwin) Migration Information Website-

Queensland (Popular cities are Brisbane, Gold Coast) Migration Information Website –

South Australia (Popular city is Adelaide) Migration Information Website –

Tasmania (Popular city is Hobart) Migration Information Website –

Victoria (Popular city is Melbourne) Migration Information Website –

Western Australia (Popular city is Perth) Migration Information Website –

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